Sir Stewart Menzies

The head of the SIS, code name: C


Contrary to James Bond movies, the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service uses the code name of “C” and not “M.” This is a tradition that dates back to the organization’s first chief Sir Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who, often dropping the “Smith”, used his initial “C” as a codename.


The current C is Sir Stewart Graham Menzies. Sir Stewart is third head of the SIS, which is currently overseeing most intelligence efforts of The United Kingdom in the war. While his management of the code breaking efforts at Bletchley Park are superb, his efforts in working with his field agents are rather less so. Most intelligence agents of the SIS consider him an adequate boss, but not spectacular.

While Churchill considers Menzies invaluable, he doesn’t seem to be the man to spearhead the critical efforts against the Nazi Occult Investigation Units. While Menzies is necessarily aware of Colonel Winfield and his Anti-Paranormal Activities Division, he has very little to do with it. As far as he’s aware, it’s small, ad-hock department tasked to monitor Hitler’s wild flights of fancy incase he sends a significant military detachment off in some random direction that needs to be accounted for. Sir Stewart is not a believer in the paranormal, and anyone who speaks of it around him as something real will likely be branded a fool or a crackpot.

Sir Stewart Menzies

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