Colonel Bruenhurst Von Ekland

SS Officer in charge of all of the Occult Investigation Units


Answerable only to Himmler and the Führer, Colonel Von Ekland pursues the secrets of magic, the supernatural, and transdimensional travel. His vision includes not only summoning supernatural horrors to fight alongside the Nazi war machine, but battle mages and the ability to open up mystic portals behind enemy lines in order to poor through troops in flanking maneuvers and end runs. It is the latter two ambitions that pose the most immediate threat. Fortunately for the Allies, his units do not boast any mages of sufficient caliber to cast portal spells with a range of more than a hundred or so yards, or that can admit more than one or two people at a time. However, it’s only a matter of time until he recruits, coerces, or creates one capable of such a feat. While he DOES have a small number of personnel who can cast spells, none of these “battle magi” are significantly more dangerous than a well-trained commando with an automatic rifle.

Von Ekland is a self-proclaimed “follower of the old ways.” He worships the pantheon of Asguard, and styles himself as a priest of Odin. He carries a tall wooden staff inscribed with ancient Norse runes as a mark of his priestly office, and claims that Odin has endowed him with the ability to throw lightning bolts as reward for his piety. However, The Baroness asserts that he has no connection to any extra-planer entities, and that if there ever were such a being as Odin that held influence on this world (something she admits is a reasonable possibility), that being and his connection to this realm are long gone. She insists that she is in a position to know if any extra-planer connections exist among the SS-OIU, and that none do. Whether or not he can fire off lightning bolts or not is an open question. There are several ways he could generate electrical bolts through either technology or magic, or he could simply be deluding himself. From the sampling of his rhetoric that has filtered down to the Allies, he’s not exactly the most mentally stable of men. In the expert opinion of The Customs Agency mages, backed by The Baroness, his mindset is too erratic to hold the focus necessary for directing magic spells.

Von Ekland is aware of the existence of the Anti-Occult Section of the OSS, and that it has a British counterpart that it coordinates with. He’s also aware of the KGB’s Psychic Warfare Subcommittee, and of the fact that it apparently does NOT coordinate or possibly even communicate with the Western Allies. Due to the problems with extra-planar teleportation, gate, and summoning spells he suspects the existence of The Customs Agency, although he does not know anything about it including its name, that it has entered into formal alliance with the Allies, or how truly formidable its arcane and technological resources are.

Despite the fact that Von Ekland’s mystical resources are relatively paltry compared to his mysterious nemesis (The Customs Agency), he has the advantage in that his sponsors physically control all of mainland Europe, and that his personnel are concealed within another organization(the regular SS) that knows nothing of the special purpose of these sub-units and is itself dispersed through a vast area (all of mainland Europe) among a much larger organization (the entire German Wehrmacht) which knows only to give ALL SS units a wide birth. The fact that OIUs have such poor mystical resources makes it difficult to track in on them or even distinguish them for regular SS units until they are already interacting with their objective. This means that only last minute intervention is possible, or that the erratic objectives of the OIU have to be anticipated in advance, and a strike team sent in that is small enough to avoid detection by the Wehrmacht until the OIU shows up to be thwarted. This is a guerrilla war fought in the shadows, and the circumstances of it give Von Ekland and his OIUs the initiative. A frustrating and tactically difficult situation for The Customs Agency and the Allies.

Colonel Bruenhurst Von Ekland

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