General William J. Donovan

"Wild Bill" Donovan, head of the OSS.


“Wild Bill” Donovan is a WW I veteran, and an emphatic crusader for American Inelegance activity. He persuaded President Roosevelt to create the OSS in order to coordinate the various intelligence-gathering activities of the various US military branches and other government agencies such as the FBI & State Department. Often plagued by jurisdictional conflicts with individuals protecting their own bureaucratic empires in the various services, “Wild Bill” has become somewhat “scrappy” about his authority, but on the whole he maintains a good working relationships with the various resources under his direction. The main exception to this is his bureaucratic archenemy, J. Edgar Hoover, who has managed to keep the FBI’s intelligence functions wholly separate.

In general, General Donovan likes his British colleagues, and admires their institutional expertise. As the US is new to the business of organized intelligence gathering, he intends to learn all he can from the experience of his British allies. He works well with his British counterpart, C, and is especially impressed with the Bletchley Park operation. However, he feels that “C” is not utilizing his field officers as aggressively as he should. Something he intends for the OSS to do better on.

Donovan isn’t sure about all of this occult crap, but he believes the reports of his agents who have had personal encounters with arcane and paranormal activity and who insist that this supernatural “bullshit” is quite real. He’s also not sure about this Baroness character, but at least her and Churchill’s man Winfield has head screwed on strait when it comes to field operations. He’s a resigned, rather than enthusiastic, supporter of the fight against the Nazi Occult Investigation Units. Still, as long as old Uncle Adolf’s tin soldiers are trying to open up portals to the nether realms, he’ll keep the OSS’s Anti-Occult Section on the job.

General William J. Donovan

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