The Baroness

Peeress of the United Kingdom, Founder of The Customs Agency, renowned Purple Wizardess, immortal, and guardian of the realm.


No, she’s not omniscient or omnipotent…yet.

But yes, she can blast you into oblivion with just a twitch of her eye.


Place & Date of Birth: London, 03/20/1811
Current Age: 133
Place of Residence: London, UK

The Baroness is an immortal being whose bloodlines originate outside the confines of this world. However, she was born here, and claims this world as her home and humanity to be her brethren.

She is the Founder of The Customs Agency, and still its current head. Since its difficult to explain a 133 year old woman who looks like she’s in her mid 20’s, she has withdrawn from public life. However, she still maintains contacts within Parlimant and the Court who know who, and what, she is. While she has no authority, her advice and opinions are often taken very seriously be the government of the United Kingdom.

In addition to all of this, The Baroness is the only known Purple Wizard in the world, and possibly the single most individualy powerful being to reside here.

Currently, outside of The Customs Agency she has direct contact with Winston Churchill, General Eisenhower, President Roosevelt, and Martial Zhukov. All of these individuals are aware of, and have accepted the existence of the Customs Agency and the realities it portends. Prime Minister Churchill and FDR are aware of the FULL situation regarding Princes Solace and the Rahnian Sphere, Ike & Zhukov only know about the Nazi demon summoners.

Notes on Proper (non-familiar) Form of Address: She is properly referred to as The Right Honorable Baroness Katherine Lenix, Baroness Lenix, Her Ladyship Katherine Lenix, or Lady Lenix. She is properly personally addressed as Lady Lenix or Your Ladyship. Since she is a suo jure Baroness (that is, one holding the dignity in her own right and not through marriage) it is proper in her case to address her as Baroness or Baroness Lenix. My Lady should not be used as it is reserved for Viscountess or higher rank.

That being said, most people, including most Customs Agency agents, simply know her as THE Baroness. Those that interact with her generally just address her as: “Baroness.”

The Baroness

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