Military Ranks

Since military personnel are likely to play important roles throughout this campaign on both sides (the PCs are going to learn to rue SS officers for instance), I have created a rank comparative chart. This will provide a basis for rank progression, importance, and comparison of the different ranks of the various armies. While this chart is not entirely comprehensive, and there have been a few adjustments (particulalry in the Soviet & German ranks), for purposes of simplicity this is what will be used in the campaign.

Pay Grade United Kingdom United States Soviet Union Germany US Insignia
Special Field Marshal12 General Of the Army13 Marshal of the Soviet Union Reichsmarschall4 Five Star
O-10 General General Marshal Feldmarschall Four Star
O-9 Lieutenant-General Lieutenant General General-Colonel General Three Star
O-8 Major-General Major General General-Lieutenant General-Lieutenant Two Star
O-7 Brigadier Brigadier General General-Major General-Major One Star
O-6 Colonel Colonel Colonel Colonel Eagle
O-5 Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Leaf (Silver)
O-4 Major Major Major Major Leaf (gold)
O-3 Captain Captain Captain Captain 2 Bars
O-2 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Senior Lieutenant Senior Lieutenant Bar (Silver)
O-1 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Bar (Gold)

1 Only awarded in time of war.

2 This rank is appointed for life, and never officially retires. It is often given as a ceremonial reward, like a knighthood. While there are multiple living Field Marshal (including the Emperor of Japan), only Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery, commander of the 21st Army Group, is significant to the campaign as he is the only one of them directly commanding troops in the relevant theater of operations. He has not been included on the need to know for the Anti-Paranormal Activities Division of the SIS.

3 General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of the United States Army, principle contact for The Customs Agency in the Allied Military High Command.

4 Awarded to Hermann Göring to denote him as the senior of Hitler’s Feldmarschalls, and his personal successor to command of the military should anything happen to him. He is only vaguely aware of the Nazi occult units, as they are being run primarily through Heinrich Himmler and his SS.

I put this chart together based on research from Wikipedia. Yes, I’m aware that that is not considered an accurate source for professional grade historical research, but it’s good enough for the purposes of this campaign. The following are the main articles I’ve based the chart off of:

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