The Customs Agency

Founded by The Baroness in 1830, The Customs Agency is tasked to defined the denizens of this Universe from intrusions by trans-dimensional visitors. The original core of the Customs Agency was derived from several existing secret societies and specialist groups that were absorbed in whole or in part by an alliance with The Baroness. Over the past century, The Agency as concentrated on three goals. One, to gain as much awareness and control over the boarders of this realm as is humanly possible. Two, to consolidate the disparate groups that comprised its original membership into a single cohesive force with a common goal and mutual trust. Three, using that consolidated core to create a system of recruitment to insure the continuation of the organization through the passage of both time and trials. None of these goals has been easy, but after a century of struggle the Customs Agency has mostly succeeded in these goals. The boarders of the realm are as secure as they can be made with the resources available to The Agency. Under the leadership of The Baroness a unified group culture and sense of mission has been established and is in the process of being passed on to a third generation of new recruits.

The Agency’s biggest “base” of operations is The Customs House. The Customs House is a non-dimensional space that exists as a “bubble” around the universe of this realm between it and the Outer Realm. ALL dimensional travel must pass through it. The parameters, or physical laws, of The Customs House force all such travelers to exit or drop out of their mode of travel into the customs house. There, the Agents of the Customs House process and vet them, deciding who should be allowed to continue on into the realm, and who should be sent packing. At this time, the realm is fairly unknown through the outer realms, especially since the Rahnian Sphere has temporarily suspended all traffic through their avenues of entry, so there is not much activity at any given time. The properties of the Customs House are designed to give significant advantages to the Customs Agents who staff it, and to severally limit the powers and technology of passers through, so only the very foolish try to force their way through.

The Customs House was personally created by The Baroness, and it is The Customs House that stands between the Nazis and the summoning of their demon army. The Customs House has the ability to detect the creation of the dimensional conduits that summoning spells create to bring their targets into the realm, and to summarily deny them access to penetrate the dimensional barriers around this realm. Since the Agents of the Custom House can instantly seal or simply disallow any portal into or out of it, there currently isn’t any way for the Nazis to attack it directly. In fact, they’re not really aware of existence beyond knowing that something IS blocking their summoning. There are other methods of entering this realm that do not pass through The Customs House. The Astral Plane and the Ethereal Plane are prime examples of this, but they have their own defenses. Unfortunately, it is THOSE defenses which are now at risk from the Nazis. If those defenses are lost, it will present the agents of the Rahnian Sphere a way of bypassing the defenses of the Customs House and allow them to enter this realm unopposed and, worse, undetected.

While the Customs House is a primary center for the Agency, it is NOT their headquarters. The Baroness long ago realized that if a foreign force DID somehow manage to break in, then it would be unwise to have one’s critical control and support centers right there for the attacking. Therefore, the Customs house maintains several physical locations through earth that house leadership, recruitment & training centers, or that just provide a location for agents to gather in safety to exchange information or relax. There are major Customs Agency centers in London, Paris, New York, St. Lois, San Francisco, Moscow, Hong Kong, New Deli, and Berlin. The London Office is considered Central HQ as it is the oldest location, dating back to the official founding in 1830, and London is where The Baroness dwells. The Berlin Office has been evacuated and abandoned. Customs Agents in Germany operate very much as the French resistance does. The Paris Office has been partially evacuate (all major resources, document storage, and most personnel removed) and operates on a skeleton crew, but it is still up and running. So far, the Nazis have not realized its even there, much less found it, but that could change at any time. Since becoming directly involved with the war a new office has been opened in Washington DC.

So far, the Nazis have not directly uncovered the existence of the Agency itself. They are aware that there are members of the mystical and supernatural community who are opposing them. Lately, they have begun to suspect an overarching coordination between many of these groups (not all of the heroes standing against the Nazis work for or are even aware of The Agency themselves after all), but so far they have no proof.

On general principle, the Agency avoids getting involved in the issues of this universe, even supernatural or mystical ones, on the principle that The Agency must focus on its own job. There are others who can and will attended to the issues of this world, but The Agency members are the only ones with the means and opportunity to deal with trans-dimensional incursion, so it is there that they must concentrate their efforts. Of course, individual agents are permitted to follow their own conscious and path; they are simply restricted to their own personal resources when not engaged in Agency business. And, of course, most such individuals have significant powers and skills, often learned or acquired from the Agency, that are a permanent part of them, and therefore go where they go. Also, it’s important to note that the Agency deals not only with “crossing the border” so to speak, but also any incidents in which a trans-dimensional being or species is involved, even if they were already granted passage. The Agency keeps its eye on visitors, always.

The Customs Agency

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